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Weaving Tools

We offer the following tools:

Treeditions' Maple Scarf SetDetail on Center Diamond on Treeditions' Maple RaddleTreeditions' Cherry 2-Spindle Cone HolderTreeditions' Cherry Pick Up StickFloor Detail on Treeditions' Stick CorralTreeditions' Shed Stick

Our handmade wooden tools are designed to enhance your enjoyment of weaving. We work in beautiful hardwoods, usually cherry or maple. Functional beauty… what’s not to love?

Some of our tools are made to order; others we stock.  Additional products will be added from time to time.

In addition to ordering most tools online, you can purchase any product by contacting us. For the larger items, such as the weaving storage solutions, please provide your zip code, in order for us to calculate shipping & handling.

Maple Scarf Set

Floor of a maple Stick Corral

2-Spindle Cherry Cone Holder

Cherry Reed Holder

Treeditions' Cherry Reed Holder

9” Cherry Pick-up Stick

Treeditions' Cherry Warping Pegs Treeditions' Cherry Stick Shuttle

Cherry Stick Shuttle

Center Detail on a Maple Raddle

Treeditions' Maple Lease Sticks - End Detail

Detail of Chamfered End Holes on Maple Lease Sticks

Treeditions' Maple Warping Sticks

Cherry Shed Stick

Our Maple Warping Sticks are Made to Order.

Pick the sizes you need!

Cherry Warping Pegs