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Warping Sticks

Our warping sticks are used to separate the warp layers. We sell them by the Baker’s Dozen (13 sticks). They are made of maple, and lightly waxed. They have a slightly softened edge.

They should be made to the best length that will fit your loom. Measure your warp beam, inside the brake and side supports. We recommend ordering your warp sticks about a half inch to one inch shorter, for ease in using them.

Our warping sticks cost $17  per foot, for the Baker’s Dozen. Thus, a dozen two-foot long warping sticks are $34, plus S&H.

Please contact us, giving us your zip code,  and the length you need, and we will give you our price.  

We make them to order. Please allow a few weeks.

Treeditions' Warping Sticks

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