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Warping Pegs

Warping pegs are an inexpensive alternative to warping boards. Use them with your own clamps to measure out your warp by clamping them to tables or counters, and walking back and forth between them. Use a single peg or the triple peg for direct warping a rigid heddle loom. Use one of our combinations for indirect warping, meaning to wind a warp that is made off-loom, and later transferred to the loom. This is the most common usage for shaft looms.

We make these in cherry. Our pegs are a bit different. We offer a single peg, a triple peg, and combination packages.  The triple peg is useful for making a good, clean cross, which is easy to identify. Use the peg at one end to tie onto, then make the cross between the other two pegs.

 This method has two advantages:

    1) You’ll end up with no confusion as to which “leg” of the cross a warp end belongs in.

     2) The cross is made a short distance away from the end loops of the yarn. This makes it easier to transfer to the loom.

Triple Cherry Warping Peg


Single Cherry Warping Peg


Treeditions' Single Warping Peg Treeditions' Single/Triple Warp Peg Set Treeditions' Warping Pegs - Single/Triple Set Treeditions' Triple Warp Peg

Single/Triple Warping Peg Combination


Triple/Triple Warping Peg Combination

(Not shown)


Combination Warping Peg Products

Use our combination products for indirect warping. They are a convenient, inexpensive, easy to store warping tool. These are great for taking on vacation!

The single/triple peg combination can be used for making a warp with a single threading cross.

The triple/triple pegs can be used for making crosses at both ends of your warp. This lets you make both a threading cross and a raddle cross. This can significantly speed up loading the raddle for Back to Front (B2F) warping.

Making a two-cross warp is Patricia’s preferred method.