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Stick Shuttles

Stick shuttles are useful for narrow sheds, such as those on table looms and rigid heddle looms. Our stick shuttles help you deal with that problem. They’re also great for thick wefts, and serve as an inexpensive and alternative to boat shuttles. You don’t need a winder to wind them, and their lower cost allows you to work with many wefts, ready to go.

Longer stick shuttles allow you to wind on more weft yarn than bobbins can carry.

Our beautiful stick shuttles are available in several sizes. We shape them for pleasing aesthetics, and for ease of use. Most are available in cherry; sometimes we have maple. They become even prettier over time.

Here’s our newest stick shuttle - the Split-Shed Shuttle. This beautiful, light cherry shuttle was designed in conjunction with Deborah Silver, who teaches this technique.

11” Stick Shuttle



Treeditions' Cherry Stick Shuttle

23” Stick Shuttle

16” Stick Shuttle





Traditional Stick Shuttles

Split-Shed Stick Shuttles

12” Split-Shed Shuttle

14” Split-Shed Shuttle