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9” Maple Pick Up Stick

Maple Shed Stick End

Shed Sticks and Pick Up Sticks

Shed sticks and Pick Up sticks make a variety of weaving tasks easier. They are particularly useful for hand-manipulated techniques, such as pick up designs, leno, loom-assisted double weave pick up, etc. Ours come in maple or cherry.

Our Shed Sticks have one tapered end. They are thick enough (3/16”) and wide enough (1.25”) to turn on their side and pass the shuttle. Thus, they are also useful for opening sticky sheds. We have shown two sizes below. As we usually make them to order, we can make whatever size you need. Please contact us for a quote.

Our pick up sticks are delightful little beauties! They are 9” long, 3/4” wide, and 1/16” thick. They have a different shape on each end, as shown below. These are usually in stock.


Shed Stick


9” pick up stick


Treeditions' Curly Maple Pick Up Stick Treeditions' Maple Shed Stick Treeditions' Cherry Shed Stick


Shed Stick