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Shaker Boxes and Carriers

These beautiful, delicate, strong bent wood boxes and carriers (baskets) have been made for nearly two centuries. The overlapping fingers create an elegant look. They are often made in maple and cherry, but we also enjoy using highly figured and unusual wood species. We use 12 species! Please be sure to look at our new ornamented dogwood box.

There are several sizing systems for Shaker Boxes. We have chosen to skip the numbering systems, and just show you the approximate box dimensions. Click the link below to jump to that section. Once there, click on any item for more details.

Small Boxes (3”  - 5” Long)

Medium Boxes (7” - 9” Long)


Some of our unique boards are very hard to come by. To avoid disappointment, if you see a box you really like, purchase it quickly. If it has already been sold, either PayPal will tell you at checkout, or we will let you know as soon as we can, and issue a refund. We’re sorry if this happens. We try to keep things up to date, but it’s especially difficult when doing crafts shows.

Please inquire to see if we are able to build you a similar box, or a custom box.

Small Shaker Boxes

Where does the “Shaker” name come from?

“Shakers” refers to a religious sect, formally know as the “United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing”. It branched off from the Quakers during the 18th century.  It was founded by Mother Ann Lee and Jane Wardley.

They settled in various parts of northeastern Colonial America. The last remaining active Shaker settlement is in Sabbathday Lake, Maine. There are also several wonderful Shaker museums throughout the northeastern US.

These boxes and carriers were everyday tools for the Shakers. They perfected them, selling them to help sustain the communities. Their classic design makes them a treasure!

Treeditions' Shaker Boxes TPWSB0219

5.75” L  - $55

Medium Shaker Boxes

Treeditions' Shaker Boxes TPWSB0303

7” L  - $70

Treeditions' Shaker Boxes TPWSB0309

7” L  - $80

8.25” L  - $90

Treeditions' Shaker Boxes TPWSB0404

8.25” L  - $75

Treeditions' Shaker Boxes TPWSB0406

8.25” L  - $80

Treeditions' Shaker Boxes TPWSB0408

8.25” L  - $105

TPWSB0331 Treeditions' Dogwood Shaker Boxes

7” L  - $125

Treeditions' Shaker Carriers


Small Carriers