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Close Up of Chamfered Holes on Maple Lease Sticks

Cherry Lease Sticks

Lease Sticks and Scarf Sets

Lease sticks are used to hold the cross when dressing a loom. They are most often used in Back to Front (B2F) warping, but they are also useful for other situations. For example, they can be used during weaving, when you have a sticky or unevenly tensioned warp.

Our lease sticks come in cherry or maple for lengths up to 25” long. Over 25”, we use maple, as maple is very strong. We sell them in pairs. We measure our lease sticks from hole to hole, e.g., the usable space. The total length of the sticks are about 1” longer than the stated measurement. They have chamfered holes, for ease in tying them together.

We make all sizes. We have shown some of the more popular sizes here. We also make shorter lease sticks (25” and under) in other species. Please inquire regarding other sizes or species. Most of our lease sticks are made to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks.

15” Lease Sticks


We would love to make the perfect lease sticks for your loom. Please inquire for pricing and available species.

Treedtions' Maple Lease Sticks Treedtions' Cherry Lease Sticks

25” Lease Sticks


23” Lease Sticks


20” Lease Sticks


50” Maple Lease Sticks


46” Maple Lease Sticks


40” Maple Lease Sticks


36” Maple Lease Sticks


60” Maple Lease Sticks



30” Maple Lease Sticks


Close Up on End of Treedtions' Maple Lease Sticks

Scarf Sets

Scarf Set Combination Offer

This is a unique package: a 14” raddle and a 15” pair of lease sticks, at a very attractive price. This size is quite convenient for scarves and shawls, on any size loom.

Our Scarf Sets are a very popular product, and usually ship within one week.

Maple Scarf Set

Scarf Set


Close Up on Treedtions' Maple Scarf Set Treedtions' Cherry Scarf Set

Cherry Scarf Set

Round up all those loose sticks kicking around your studio.

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