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Handwoven Grasscloth Covered Journals                                     $75

These covered journals bring nature indoors. They are woven with cotton and/or linen yarn on the loom, but the weft (filler) material is plants! I harvest the plants, clean and dry them, and soften them up again for weaving. Most are woven with daffodil flower stems or iris leaves. I am always hunting down other plants to use.

These journals have a replaceable blank book, suitable for a diary, sketching, story writing, travel journals, and so forth. Books are 5.5” x 8.5”, with 110 pages of 65 lb. paper. Refills can be easily ordered; contact me if you’ve lost the information.

Many of these journals look alike. The specifics of each vary, but they are all beautiful, and they smell faintly of the plants! We use a variety of lining fabrics, mostly in greens and earth tones. We will choose one for you, from those available when you order one.

Want to know the specifics of the one you’re getting? Contact us, or put comments in the message box on the shopping cart, and we can show you more photos.

For the weavers, these journals were featured in my Handwoven magazine article, “A Touch of Summer”, Issue 175, May/June 2015, pp. 36-37. Project instructions are in the article, with supplementary information online at I teach this technique; it’s my most popular class!

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