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Weaving is somewhat of a lost art these days. Fortunately, it does seem to be making a bit of a resurgence. We enjoy bringing unique textiles into the world.  Most of our handwovens are one of a kind; a few are very limited editions. All of them reflect the interests and passion Patricia has for weaving.

You won’t find these items anywhere else!

Well, actually, you will… we are moving our handwovens to Etsy. Some items are still available here, but more are available in our Etsy shop. Our shop name is “TreeditionsWeaving”.

We offer:

Scarves and Shawls

Covered Journals - Woven with plants!

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Treeditions Scarves TPTSC26

Year-Round Mobius Scarf


Year-Round Mobius Scarf


Treeditions Scarves TPTSC16

Year-Round  Scarf


Treeditions Scarves TPTSC27

Year-Round  Scarf


Treeditions Scarves TPTSC21

Year-Round  Scarf


Treeditions Covered Journals Treeditions Scarves TPTSC41
Treeditions Scarves TPTSC44

Warm and Cuddly Chenille Scarf


Treeditions Scarves TPTSC43

Silk/Wool Infinity Scarf


Treeditions Scarves TPTSC10

Year-Round  Scarf


Warm and Cuddly Chenille Scarf


TPTSC53 temp Treeditions Scarf