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Cherry 2-spindle cone holder

Maple 3-spindle cone holder

Cone Holders

Cone holders make warping and winding bobbins easier. Ours are designed to fit small or large cones, as well as yarn tubes. Choose either the 2-spindle or the 3-spindle model.

3-spindle cone holder


2-spindle cone holder


Treedtions' Cherry Cone Holder

Our cone holders come in maple or cherry, with 1/2” spindles. They have a beautiful, undulating profile, and feel wonderful. These are sturdy enough to step on; no worries placing it on the floor beneath your warping board, bobbin winder, or warping reel.

Profile detail on a cherry cone holder

Our cone holders have multiple uses!

Here I am using one as a warping board extender, to do color pooling. This is where you align a space-dyed yarn that has a set repeat, warping in a circle, to match up the different colors. It’s a way of making a warp appear to be warp painted.

Our cone holders can also be used as warping board extenders to let you make a longer warp, when needed.

Our cone holders are also useful as warping pegs for direct warping rigid heddle looms.

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Cherry  cone holder (front), Maple (rear)

Using a triple cone holder as a warping board extender