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About Us

My name is Patricia Morton. I have been weaving since 1990, teaching since 2003, and selling my weaving for many years. I am co-owner of Treeditions, a family owned and operated company.

My husband, Milton, is a cabinetmaker. He’s been working with wood for over 60 years. The team is rounded out by our son, Nicholas, who is our CEO, and by our three cats.  We share the love of creating beautiful objects.

We started the weaving tools business in 2008, from our lovely 300 year old home in Massachusetts.  This aspect of the business started because my students needed tools, and they saw the gorgeous tools which Milt had been building for me.

We moved to Appomattox, Virginia, in 2013. Of course we built the new wood shop first. In 2015, we restarted the Shaker Box business. We are attending crafts fairs again, selling Shaker boxes, handwovens, and showing a few weaving tools.

I am passionate about weaving. My love of fabric drives me in the exploration of how different fibers interact with light, color, and structure to create a unique textile.

This in turn compels me to teach the young, the old, the obsessed. In the picture to the left, these first time weavers clearly enjoyed dyeing their yarn and weaving their scarves.

Milt is passionate about working with wood, in a variety of techniques: fine joinery, carving, bending, and marquetry, to name a few. I continue to be amazed by his varied interests and talent for design. He loves to combine classical elements with modern ideas, in new and intriguing ways.

We love to demonstrate our work, and discuss our crafts.

Please visit us at a show, or at our studios, if you are in the Appomattox area.

Patricia and Milt Morton Patricia Morton and Weaving Students

Patricia & Milt

Patricia with some of her younger students.

Nick and his daughter, working on a customer’s reed holder.